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It all started in 2012, Golborne, West London. A group of gardeners, music professionals and some other local citizens created a festival ‘Farmival’ to raise awareness around growing their own fresh food in the city. We thought if we made use of every window sill and available rooftop for growing food, we’d not only supply ourselves with the freshest organic food, but also create a green landscape within the city’s streets.

In 2013 and 2014 we won grants to create a food growing space with groups of local residents, which grew over the years from a single raised bed to vertical planters, cob oven and a walled potato plot! The annual festival was full of food fuelled family fun leading to a number of different events down at the Sensory Garden and a touring stand at Vivienne Westwood’s Urban Outdoors festival in Camden. We loved sharing organic gardening tips and ideas with the people that we met, most of all the joy of gardening, getting our hands dirty and working with plants.

Farm the City ran for five years and we will never forget the memories that we share with everyone who joined us on the journey of urban farming in London.

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Thank you for your support and wishing you well growing food in the city!


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