Meanwhile Gardens Eco Play

Free Eco Play sessions form Meanwhile Gardens this summer!

Farm the City will be joining the explorations of nature with bunting making sessions on August 19th and September 14th from 2pm – 4pm.

Meanwhile Eco Play Poster copy

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Golborne Greens’ Capital Clean-up

Over the weekend of May 18 and 19, we welcomed at least 20 volunteers to create 2 big raised beds for food growing on the corner of Golborne Road and Southam Street. We spoke to many neighbours and gathered over 40 emails of local people interested in helping out over the coming seasons. We shifted 3 tonnes of compost, 2 tonnes of leaf mould, 2 tonnes of rubble into the beds made from 16 old scaffolding planks and 40 very long screws, creating 8.5sq metres of food growing space where we planted 15 different types of vegetables. Everyone’s loving it, and by the end of May we have radish, kale, spinach, peas and okra germinated (even though the manure was not well rotted and the beds thoroughly dried out in the first week – eek). And the beans are still alive having been planted out and having their tops pinched. Happy days!

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Volunteers wanted – Golborne Greens

Golborne Greens growing space is looking for volunteer gardeners…

To keep the space running well and making organic food, we need your help. Please have a look at the volunteering opportunities below, and let me know if something appeals to you, every little relly does help and the more people on board the merrier!

sign bed 1


We need someone/people free on Sunday evening or Monday morning to water the space (a hose can be provided Sunday evening). Please email if you might be happy to water.

Garlic spraying

We need someone/some people who can spray the plants with garlic spray each week to keep the slugs, greenfly and cats away. Please reply to this email if you might be happy to do this. We will provide the ingredients and spray bottles.


bed 2 19.5.13 watering

What do people think about a community compost heap to turn kitchen waste into top notch compost for our growing space? Anyone keen to help with creating a community compost heap please get in touch.

Nasturtium planting this Saturday 25th May

We are going to plant some nasturtium seeds along the front of the beds this Saturday afternoon from 4 til 4.30pm. If you are around, please come and join in or just come say hello.

Golborne Greens Meetup

It’d be great to have meetups of all the local people interested in looking after the space where we can talk about what to plant next and what else to do with the space. The Earl of Portobello have said that we can use their lovely function room, so let me know if you would like to join in and I will arrange a date for us.


Anyone with fundraising skills or just energy and ideas is invited to get in touch and help plan ways to raise some small funds to help keep the space running. I have a couple of ideas, but could really do with some help e.g. cake sale organising, posting on the internet for crowd sourcing or writing emails. Help with any of the above very much appreciated.

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pssst… do you know where to get the best seeds?


Let us share with you the best seed suppliers in Britain (but shhh don’t tell everyone):

real seed chillies *No.1 “Real Seeds” supply unique heritage varieties, by buying from these guys you are literally keeping Europe’s ecological food heritage alive, plus the taste is extra special -

*No.2 “The Organic Gardening Catalogue” championed by Capital Growth, and all profits go towards Garden Organic, a charity that specialises in producing plenty of high yielding organic varieties-

*No.3 “Tamar Organics” started as a small organic market garden in 1994 providing a scrumptious array of seeds to choose from, and since their seeds come in big packets, they’re perfect for sharing and community groups -

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Bean box workshop


POSTPONED, 10am – 12noon, Meanwhile Gardens W10 5BN

£10 / £5 concessions (inc. Farm the City volunteers) bean pyramid

Guided from start to finish by head grower at Meanwhile Gardens, all materials are provided to create containers ready to take home and watch grow. Learn how to prepare the soil and care for runner beans, french beans and berlotti beans from seed. You will learn how to maximise your harvest, and if you look after your beans you could easily make your money back this summer.

Your bean garden is best kept in a sheltered spot outdoors (perfect for a balcony or yard) as the beans can get quite high – canes will be provided. Approximate size of box – 50cm x 30cm.

Book your place by emailing Spaces are limited.

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Kitchen garden to takeaway!


4 week course held every other Saturday morning at Meanwhile Gardens W10 5BNchives low res

Saturdays May 11, May 25, June 8 & June 22 from 10.30am to 12noon

£25 / £15 concessions (inc. Farm the City volunteers)

A great place to start growing your own – learn to sow, propagate and ‘plant out’ a combination of leafy and woody herbs. Guided from start to finish by expert grower James, head grower at Meanwhile Gardens, you will create your own portable herb garden using local compost, organic seeds and recycled materials. At the end of the four week course (4 sessions over 7 weeks) you will have a herb garden to take home and look after – you might never need to buy herbs again! Fresh herbs taste better and are higher in nutrition too. You’ll need to allow 3 months for the plants to fully mature and be ready for harvest, but once established you can harvest many times.

Learn to grow:

Rosemary Coriander Thyme Basil Sage Parsley Lavender Oregano Marjoram Chives

At the end of the course, you will take home a box with your choice of leafy and woody herbs, you will know how to sow different seeds, care for seedlings, transplant and maintain the plants. The herbs should be ready for harvesting after 3 months (some sooner, some later) and should continue to grow and be used for at least 3 years. The kitchen garden is best kept indoors on a light, warm windowsill or table (not scorching, but bright). Size of garden will be 50 x 30 x 40cm approx.

Book your place now by emailing Spaces are limited.

All materials and tuition are included in the price. We’ve kept the price low by sourcing recycled materials and promoting online. If you can help us by spreading the word about this workshop to people you think might be interested, that would be a great help in making the project sustainable. 

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What are your plans for harvest 2013?


bandWe are very pleased to be returning to the beautiful Meanwhile Gardens (W10 5NT) for a harvest time festival – bringing music (courtesy of the Strummer Foundation), food, dance and farming together for the last day of summer – 21 September 2013 – put the date in your diary now!

We need your help, without good, kind folk the festival just wouldn’t happen – let us know how you’d like to help:

+ PROMOTING ON AUG 17&18, AUG 24&25, SEPT 7&8 SEPT 14&15

+ RUNNERS, STAGE HAND, DECORATORS – SEPT 21 10AM – 7.30PMfarm the city 002

On festival day, we’d like to unite, celebrate and promote London’s growers with an All London Farmers’ Market so we’re inviting London growers interested in a stall to get in touch. Westbourne Park is only 15 minutes West of King’s Cross on the circle line, why not meet with fellow growers from across the city and sell some produce while we’re at it. Email Ros on

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New Community Food Garden


meanwhile veggies 2012


We’ve won £500 from the Capital Clean-Up fund to create a community food garden! Meet opposite the Earl on the corner of Southam Street and Golborne Road W10 5PN



Volunteers needed to maintain the garden each week – please email if you cannot come to the events above but would like to volunteer another time over the summer.


We  look forward to meeting you! Come rain or shine we will be there planting seeds and eating cake

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Farmival 2012

In the home of the Notting Hill Carnival and the 1960s whole food movement, Farm the City London was born. The first community festival now dubbed Farmival was in 2012 and was pleased to welcome a wealth of musical talent, as well as Rasta Mouse, Suppers From Scratch, Farm:SHOP, The Sky garden, WasteWatch, Hackney City Farm, and many more games, artists and workshops besides.

Big thanks go to all those who came and helped to create a fun, food fuelled day! Extra thanks going to the team of volunteers who helped decorate and clean up the site afterwards, you know who you are and you rock! 












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Partners 2012

Love Golborne


Biodynamic Agricultural College


Portobello Fine Foods (under the Westway)

Karimah’s Cuisina



Meanwhile Gardens




Suppers from Scratch

Stephen Vince and Peter Rudolfo

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