6 Reasons Why You Should Grow Your Own Food

1 – The fresher the veg, the more nutritious, so freshly picked veg from your windowsill is super healthy and tasty too.


2 – Growing organic food costs less than buying chemical-industrial food in the long run, so you get organic food for less making it actually affordable.


3 – Food prices are rising and look set to carry on rising – by learning how to grow your own food, manage your soil and collect seeds over time, you can keep yourself well stocked long into the future with very little money involved.


4 – Growing is good for the soul – harvesting your own food is pretty awesome and fills your belly with a great sense of achievement and pride


5 – Make new friends, swap tips and even food with other growers in the community


6 – Connecting with nature is therapeutic and deepens awareness, you are forced to slow down, but in a conscious way so you learn new things about the world, and make time to relax, it’s magic

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