Volunteers wanted – Golborne Greens

Golborne Greens growing space is looking for volunteer gardeners…

To keep the space running well and making organic food, we need your help. Please have a look at the volunteering opportunities below, and let me know if something appeals to you, every little relly does help and the more people on board the merrier!

sign bed 1


We need someone/people free on Sunday evening or Monday morning to water the space (a hose can be provided Sunday evening). Please email farmthecitylondon@gmail.com if you might be happy to water.

Garlic spraying

We need someone/some people who can spray the plants with garlic spray each week to keep the slugs, greenfly and cats away. Please reply to this email if you might be happy to do this. We will provide the ingredients and spray bottles. farmthecitylondon@gmail.com


bed 2 19.5.13 watering

What do people think about a community compost heap to turn kitchen waste into top notch compost for our growing space? Anyone keen to help with creating a community compost heap please get in touch. farmthecitylondon@gmail.com

Nasturtium planting this Saturday 25th May

We are going to plant some nasturtium seeds along the front of the beds this Saturday afternoon from 4 til 4.30pm. If you are around, please come and join in or just come say hello.

Golborne Greens Meetup

It’d be great to have meetups of all the local people interested in looking after the space where we can talk about what to plant next and what else to do with the space. The Earl of Portobello have said that we can use their lovely function room, so let me know if you would like to join in and I will arrange a date for us.¬†farmthecitylondon@gmail.com


Anyone with fundraising skills or just energy and ideas is invited to get in touch and help plan ways to raise some small funds to help keep the space running. I have a couple of ideas, but could really do with some help e.g. cake sale organising, posting on the internet for crowd sourcing or writing emails. Help with any of the above very much appreciated. farmthecitylondon@gmail.com

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