Hello growers!

We love urban farming, and growing affordable, organic, fresh food in the city! Whether it's a selection of herbs on your window sill or you take part in a community growing space - we salute you! The clay oven is built and the Sensory Garden has a new design. Sign up to the newsletter and read the Get Involved and Workshop pages for more about our upcoming projects, workshops and events :) x

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Get Growing

You can grow on your balcony, rooftop, window sill, garden, local train station (make enquiries!), raised beds on a derelict space, or get in touch if you want to hear more about Farm The City: London growing projects, courses and meet ups.


Farmival was so much fun last year! Big thanks to everyone who came along and enjoyed the day with us. We're getting ready for this year's summertime growing extravaganza, so get in touch if you would like to hear more! farmthecitylondon@gmail.com

Farming Tips!

1: The fresher the veg, the more nutritious, so freshly picked veg from your windowsill is super healthy and tasty too... Read More.

Who We Are

Farm the City London is a collaboration between a group of local growers, music producers and other community minded, food loving folk who want to fill up the London food chain with organic, fresh food.

Growing a new urban food chain
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