Hello growers!

We love urban farming, and growing affordable, organic, fresh food in the city! Whether it's a selection of herbs on your window sill or you take part in a community growing space - we salute you! The clay oven is built and the Sensory Garden has a new design. Sign up to the newsletter and read the Get Involved and Workshop pages for more about our upcoming projects, workshops and events :) x

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Get Growing

You can grow on your balcony, rooftop, window sill, garden, local train station (make enquiries!), raised beds on a derelict space, or get in touch if you want to hear more about Farm The City: London growing projects, courses and meet ups.

Community Events

Community events are at the heart of what we do at Farm the City, if we're not hitting a big festival we're often organising a plant giveaway, or a workshop where you can learn about growing your own herbs and vegetables. Now we have the cob oven we are cooking our own pizzas too topped with fresh tasty produce from the garden. If you would like to hire the cob oven for your own use for an evening 6 - 10pm, or an afternoon 12 - 4pm on weekends, we ask for a donation of £50 for the wood and help setting up the fire. Email farmthecitylondon@gmail.com to reserve a time, bear in mind it takes about 1.5 hours for the oven to heat up to full power once the fire is going.

Farming Tips!

1: The fresher the veg, the more nutritious, so freshly picked veg from your windowsill is super healthy and tasty too... Read More.

The Sensory Garden

Come and volunteer with Head Gardener Emma every Monday from 1pm until 3pm, and On Saturdays with Community Gardener Lorna 1:30pm to 3pm or email farmthecitylondon@gmail.com to arrange your own slot at a time that suits you. We are always looking for people to spend 10 minutes checking in on the garden, picking up litter, clearing leaves and watering when it hasn't rained, so please do get in touch, believe it or not 10 minutes in the garden a week will help us keep the space feeling loved.

Growing a new urban food chain
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