Hello growers!

We love urban farming, and growing affordable, organic, fresh food in the city! Whether it's a selection of herbs on your window sill or you take part in a community growing space - we love you! We believe growing our own food is a sign of a healthy society. We all eat, so where our food comes from is politically important, but it's important for our health and the planet too. Our hope is for London to be a green city, full of edible gardens and wildlife. Please enjoy our website with ideas and links to help get you started :) x

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Get Growing

You can grow on your balcony, rooftop, window sill, garden, local train station, raised beds on a derelict space, see our Get Involved page for links to the organisations doing great things in London, or contact your Borough Council Environment team for more info about the space you are interested in.

Community Events

Community events are at the heart of what we do at Farm the City, if we're not hitting a big festival we're often organising a plant giveaway, or a workshop where you can learn about growing your own herbs and vegetables. See Festivals menu for our latest event, and if nothing new is listed then we must be taking a break.

Reasons to grow your own...

1 - The fresher the veg, the more nutritious, so freshly picked veg from your windowsill is super healthy and tasty too. 2 - Growing organic food costs less than buying chemical-industrial food in the long run, so you get organic food for less making it actually affordable. 3 - Food prices are rising and look set to carry on rising – by learning how to grow your own food, manage your soil and collect seeds over time, you can keep yourself well stocked long into the future with very little money involved. 4 - Growing is good for the soul – harvesting your own food is pretty awesome and fills your belly with a great sense of achievement and pride. 5 - Make new friends, swap tips and even food with other growers in the community. 6 – Connecting with nature is therapeutic and deepens awareness, you are forced to slow down, but in a conscious way so you learn new things about the world, and make time to relax.


We are always looking for people to spend 10 minutes checking in on the garden, picking up litter, clearing leaves and watering when it hasn't rained, believe it or not 10 minutes in the garden a week will help keep the space feeling loved.

Growing a new urban food chain
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